Harmony Practice

 Healing the mind, body, heart and soul 

My name is Georgina and I am an accredited transpersonal and integrative psychotherapist (UKCP, BACP) based in Brighton, East Sussex, UK.

I offer one-to-one psychotherapy, intensive small group 9-week workshops and online courses. I have experience with life crisis, spiritual crisis, breakdown, psychedelic integration, anxiety, depression and specialise in the area of eating disorders and discovery of the True Self. 

It is my deepest wish to help women transform their lives and unmask their true calling and purpose. Sometimes this requires us to start at the very beginning. But gradually, and slowly but surely, the woman begins to blossom.

Have a browse around my website and try out my free guided meditations and visualisations. They offer a unique way to sample my approach. 

Send me a quick email, and ask to Join my Mailing List. Your email will remain completely confidential. 

Member of UKCP: 2011172285

Member of UKCP: 2011172285