My journey to wellness


I am a qualified and registered psychotherapist (DIP. PSYCH), (BACP ind member), mentor, course facilitator and founder of the Harmony Practice in Brighton.


I developed a dependency for overeating in my early teens. I had no idea how to take care of my feelings, and I had very low self-esteem, and food was my salvation. I kept myself from gaining excessive amounts of weight by following various diets and doing excessive exercise. For a very long time I was just swinging backwards and forwards between "on" or "off" this addictive cycle. When I was dieting, sooner or later I'd inevitably binge, which eventually lead to a period of time when I was bulimic. 

I even swapped dieting for smoking for a few years. Smoking for me was all about soothing myself when I felt stressed and it also helped to reduce my appetite and this desire to keep filling my mouth with food. It was only when I began seeing a really good psychotherapist that I started to unravel what was going on inside of me, and addressed that I was unhappy about many areas of my life and started making the connection with overeating and needing to find the original problem. It dawned on me that if I didn't tackle the root of the problems, and start repairing the wounds I had incurred as a child, and start re-parenting myself, I would forever be stuck in some sort of addictive pattern. 

With my therapist's support, I discovered what my heart really yearned for, and with their encouragement I went out and put my dreams in to action. I began my training to become a counsellor in 2009, and then decided to commit to a 5-year psychotherapy post-graduate course in London. Apart from becoming a mother, being a psychotherapist is one of the greatest blessings I have ever received. I am very passionate about supporting other women to set themselves free from their own addictive prison using the same holistic approach that liberated me. 

If you would like to work with me please get in touch via email to arrange a 20-minute free consultation. 

Integrative & Transpersonal PSYCHOTHERAPIST

Georgina Tasker-Simm (DIP, PSYCH)

 Georgina is a registered Individual member of the BACP

Georgina is a registered Individual member of the BACP