What to do when you feel starving hungry?

What to do when you feel starving hungry?

Does this resonate with you on some level?

Perhaps the situation has occurred because for some reason it is not possible to have your usual routine of breakfast, lunch and dinner with a snack in-between because you are travelling or you have back-to-back meetings all day.......

or perhaps you are staying with family over the holidays, and are now expected to fit in to the collective routine of this other group of people.......

or maybe you didn't hear your alarm clock, woke late and grabbed a coffee in replacement of your morning smoothie.

The feeling of UTTER PANIC creeps in, and inside your torso a black hole face that was previously dormant, awakens and begins screaming in a terrifying manner that you are "Going to die if you don't eat something soon!!! This is beyond serious - you are going to DIE!!!"

With a frantic pace, we seek out our food, and begin eating ever so quickly. Filling ourselves up. Filling that black gaping hole up. Filling that body of pain and discomfort, in the hope that we will not die but shall rid ourselves of those awful feelings that are consuming us. Feelings of fear, of heart racing, of sickness, or despair, of desperation of annihilation. 

Drawing by woman of "The Void" inside

Drawing by woman of "The Void" inside


And what is so ironic, is that we are not starving. Not in the slightest. We can go for weeks without food. Our rational brain knows this, but in this given situation of panic, our Inner Child has been activated, and predicts the worst. 

So what can you do differently?

Well firstly I must mention prevention. It is a really good idea to carry some wholesome snacks in your bag, so you do have something to graze on in the event you can't have your proper meal.

Examples include: a packet of oatcakes, a small pot of nuts or even a pot of nut butter so you can have a tablespoon at most (unless of course you work in a no-nut environment). You could also carry some dried pea protein powder in a little lunch pot, which then gets carefully tipped in to a water bottle or a mug and then just whisk it up. I love the pea protein range by Sun Warrior. (Please note: I do not advocate daily use of powders for meal replacements - this is something you would carry on your person for emergency use only!)

And secondly for when you've already passed the point of no return, I suggest trying this 7-minute guided visualisation. It will aid you when you are feeling fearfully ravenous. I hope you find this meditation soothing and useful.

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80% of middle-aged adults at risk of disease because of lifestyle

80% of middle-aged adults at risk of disease because of lifestyle

A recent article published in the Observer indicates some alarming news about the health and wellbeing of men and women in UK: 

Is obesity just a symptom of stress? 

Is obesity just a symptom of stress? 

"Figures taken from the Health Survey for England show that 77 per cent of men and 63 per cent of women in middle age are either overweight or obese – with the rate of obesity shooting up 16 per cent in the last two decades". 

The article points to the stresses of modern day living as the reason for why our nation is so unhealthy. When you are stretched to the max, and have everyday pressures such as work, a family to support, financial commitments and relationships to maintain it is very common to just reach for the wine or over-indulge in a large meal come the end of the evening as a way to quickly relax and block the stressful feelings. 

In my experience as a psychotherapist, this "quick-fix" solution ends up causing far more complex problems, and many of my clients initially come to me not only feeling stressed and unhappy with their work-life balance, but also overweight, unhealthy and depressed.

It is important to remember that over-eating, smoking or drinking too much alcohol are only symptoms of an underlying unhappiness and dis-ease. 

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Article extracted from web 02/01/17: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/middle-aged-health-alcohol-weight-lifestyle-a7497561.html



The most important part of my day - meditation

The most important part of my day - meditation

What would it be like to set aside just a few minutes every day to meditate?

You can start with just a couple of minutes, as this can always be slotted in, no matter how busy your work schedule. 

Turn your phone to silent, and remove all other distractions if possible. Tell others that you just need a few minutes to yourself and not to disturb you. 

Set a timer on your phone. 

Find a comfortable seated position, and notice how your body makes contact with the chair/ floor. Scan your body and notice how it feels. Notice your breath. Distractive thoughts will arise, but just allow them to pass by, like clouds in the sky. Be kind and gentle to yourself. 

Notice each breath - the inhalation - and the exhalation. Now the inhalation - and the exhalation. Repeat. Any thoughts just acknowledge and let them go again. You may need to do this 100 times, but you are gradually training your brain to switch off, and with practice you will reach a place of peace more quickly.

Make time for yourself, even if you can only manage a few minutes, and see if you notice any difference to your mood and energy levels after just one week. 

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Be the Change you want to see in the world.
— Mahatma Gandhi

Be the change you want to see in the world is a beautiful thought from an inspirational human being. Mahatma Gandhi did many wonderful things, but one of his lasting legacies is his ability to perfectly capture a simple truth in a few simple words.