What would it be like to set aside just a few minutes every day to meditate?

You can start with just a couple of minutes, as this can always be slotted in, no matter how busy your work schedule. 

Turn your phone to silent, and remove all other distractions if possible. Tell others that you just need a few minutes to yourself and not to disturb you. 

Set a timer on your phone. 

Find a comfortable seated position, and notice how your body makes contact with the chair/ floor. Scan your body and notice how it feels. Notice your breath. Distractive thoughts will arise, but just allow them to pass by, like clouds in the sky. Be kind and gentle to yourself. 

Notice each breath - the inhalation - and the exhalation. Now the inhalation - and the exhalation. Repeat. Any thoughts just acknowledge and let them go again. You may need to do this 100 times, but you are gradually training your brain to switch off, and with practice you will reach a place of peace more quickly.

Make time for yourself, even if you can only manage a few minutes, and see if you notice any difference to your mood and energy levels after just one week.