A recent article published in the Observer indicates some alarming news about the health and wellbeing of men and women in UK: 

Is obesity just a symptom of stress? 

Is obesity just a symptom of stress? 

"Figures taken from the Health Survey for England show that 77 per cent of men and 63 per cent of women in middle age are either overweight or obese – with the rate of obesity shooting up 16 per cent in the last two decades". 

The article points to the stresses of modern day living as the reason for why our nation is so unhealthy. When you are stretched to the max, and have everyday pressures such as work, a family to support, financial commitments and relationships to maintain it is very common to just reach for the wine or over-indulge in a large meal come the end of the evening as a way to quickly relax and block the stressful feelings. 

In my experience as a psychotherapist, this "quick-fix" solution ends up causing far more complex problems, and many of my clients initially come to me not only feeling stressed and unhappy with their work-life balance, but also overweight, unhealthy and depressed.

It is important to remember that over-eating, smoking or drinking too much alcohol are only symptoms of an underlying unhappiness and dis-ease. 

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