Metaphorically speaking, the world is reborn in a few days time - and we are too. It is a perfect opportunity to take a look back over the past year and reflect on what went well and what is no longer serving you. The final step is to ask yourself what you want to manifest in 2018. 

In today's blog I shall describe Part 1 and 2 of a 3-step process. I shall send you Part 3 in the coming days.  

But before you begin: just a reminder that this is an investment in yourself. By taking a few hours now, you are undoubtedly going to set more realistic, smarter and potent goals for the year ahead while improving the quality of your relationships and life as a whole. You will also be able to easily see which areas of your life are lacking in your love and attention and therefore what requires extra support in the coming year. 

If you are a comfort eater, this process is definitely for you. Why? Because when we are truly happy and fulfilled we no longer have the need to comfort eat. This 1-2-3 process will help you unravel your motivations for each area of your life and transform it from a place of habit/ unconsciousness to choice-full consciousness. 


Part 1: Review your year and notice how you feel in your body


I like to put some time aside as the new year approaches to analyse all the appointments I made in my Google calendar throughout 2017. As I quickly scan through I make some quick notes under the following headings:


  • Relationships (break them down into the following sub-headings)

1) with friends

2) with work colleagues

3) with partner

4) with children

5) with acquaintances

  • Work
  • Community
  • Fun & social
  • Creativity
  • Education
  • Health, Fitness & Body
  • Spiritual practice
  • Home

You don't need to painstakingly comment on every appointment you ever had. Instead just scan each day of your calendar and notice how your body reacts to any particular event. If a big feeling comes up then take a closer look at that entry. For example, you may see you had an appointment to meet up with a friend you hadn't seen in a while. Notice how you feel when you remember the meeting. Did it go well? Maybe you felt great in their company? Or perhaps it left a bad feeling in your body? Make a note of how you feel in the present moment and whether you want to keep investing in this relationship in the future or if it's something to monitor.

Remeber: It's OK to be honest. You are not going to show these notes to anyone. It's a wonderful opportunity to get things off your chest rather than keeping it suppressed. I like to keep them in a special folder that I can then dip into at various points in the year to see how I'm doing. 


Part 2: Reflect and go deeper


After you have finished Part 1, re-read everything you have written down and ask yourself what the root lesson is for you to take on board. 

The majority of our appointments, playdates, meetings etc are from a place of unconscious habit and therefore non-choice. 

For example, after Sarah completed Part 1 she observed how she had over-committed herself in terms of the number of errands she undertook on one particular day and this left a residue of feeling stressed and tired. For someone that uses food to comfort themselves in times of hardship, a situation like the one above would put her under considerable pressure to act-out and binge eat.

The real lesson underpinning this behaviour could be that Sarah finds it difficult to slow down because she holds on to an old fear of being told she is lazy and not good enough. This could potentially be an old 'script' that was unconsciously written when she was a child to help her get along with her family and survive the period of time when she was completely dependent on others. 

Sarah can now own this old conditioning and armed with the insight that when she over-works she ends up comfort eating, she is free to set kinder targets for herself and know she is a good enough person without working herself ragged. 

Part 3, will help you to set your goals for the next year will follow in the next day. And just as a side note - please don't worry if you don't get around to doing this practice for a while - the truth is, it can be done at any time of the year. 


My best wishes for a healthy, abundant and harmonious year ahead, 




Dates for your Diary 2018




  • 18th January: I'm taking to the stage at the next Inspiring Talks Brighton 007 to talk about subpersonalities and the importance of getting to know our Inner Child in order to overcome compulsive eating.