Now it is Spring in my hometown of Brighton, I am being guided by my intuition to cleanse my body. 

I am not a qualified herbalist, however I have always had a keen interest in learning about the medicinal and cullinary delights of herbs. 

And at this time of year there are a few wild herb plants that grow plentifully and locally to me that I am particularly interested in, one of them being Cleavers (also known as Sticky Weed)........

While foraging in my local woodland, I selected a nice fat bunch from a patch that was growing out of site and stretch from passersby, and picked it close to the base. 

Once home, I prepared it for juicing by making sure all the plants were green healthy ones, and then washing them for a minute under some water.

Then plunging in to my juicer, 2 minutes later I was left with the harvest!

The results were a tangy, sweet and potent tasting green liquid, that was rather pleasant to drink. I must add that my tongue was slightly prickled -  but nothing painful or unpleasant.

Cleavers is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and wonderful for lympathic detox as well as treating skin conditions. It stimulates liver function and improves digestion and absorption.

There is something so satisfying to go out in to nature and identify and respectfully gather up these wild plants. I am always amazed and forever grateful for what nature provides us with to heal our bodies.