Further to your free 20-minute telephone or Skype consultation, our journey together begins by meeting weekly for 50-minute sessions over a period of 6 weeks, whereby we try and meet at the same time and day at least once a week (depending on your needs). 

During this time you can decide if you are looking for more short-term/ solution-focused therapy or long-term integrative and transpersonal depth psychotherapy. 

In short/ solution therapy I teach and then practice tools and techniques with you and in long-term/ depth psychotherapy, we look at all parts of your life including how your past and engrained belief systems are influencing your present and future and sift through any issues you are experiencing or needing to heal, learn and grow from. 

Over time we build up a very real, and trusting relationship that can be used as a nurturing environment in which to grow from. You are invited to bring your whole self; the ugly parts; the vulnerable parts, the suppressed parts; the powerful parts and the beautiful parts of yourself. When you are encouraged, supported, and given space to "shoot the breeze”, your True Self will emerge and shine through. 

Therapy can be a richly rewarding endeavour, and the investment in your self holds the possibility of radically transforming every area of your life to lead a happier and more fulfilled one.