Individual psychotherapy & counselling

1st step

Our journey together begins with a free 20-minute confidential consultation, either by telephone or Skype. This is an opportunity for you to tell me about the issues you may be experiencing. This is very often the first time that you may have spoken to someone about your problem(s), and it is very normal to feel anxious. But taking this initial step, is an essential part of the healing process, and with time it will become easier. I can also explain a little about the type of approach I use, and answer any questions you may have. 

2nd step

We meet for 50-minutes. During this time, I will ask some further details about what has brought you into therapy, how long you have been experiencing your issues, what repeating patterns are showing up in your life, what blocks you are experiencing, and generally get to know you a bit better. By the end of the session, we can then arrange a time to meet over the coming weeks.

We originally contract to work together for 6-weeks, with a review towards the end. 

3rd step

Over the following 6 weeks, we try and meet at the same time and day at least once a week (depending on your needs). 

4th step

At the end of the 6-weeks, we will have a look at whether you feel you have reached your goals and if you would like to finish or continue on. 

Mahatma Gandhi
"Be the change you want to see in the world"
 Just like a rose, we have many layers. 

Just like a rose, we have many layers. 


The foundations of psychotherapy

Over time we build up a very real, and trusting relationship that can be used as a nurturing environment in which to grow from. You are invited to bring your whole self; the ugly parts; the vulnerable parts, the suppressed parts; the powerful parts and the beautiful parts of yourself. When you are encouraged, supported, and given space to vulnerable, your True Self will emerge and shine through. 

What do you learn? Here are a few areas that therapy can touch upon:

  • One of the pillars of the recovery model, is to give you a basic knowledge and experience of mindfulness, so that you can begin to integrate this into your own life. 
  • Psychoeducation will teach you to become more emotionally aware, resilient and how to manage your emotional life. 
  • With time you will discover a unique daily practice of self-care.
  • How your particular childhood and major life events could be influencing your present day. 
  • Learning about what you really like/ don't like. 
  • How to tune in to your Inner Child and Nourishing Self. 
  • Who keeps sabotaging you/ resistances/ blocks.
  • What your triggers/ what makes you feel less energised
  • How to listen to your intuition/ gut feeling.
  • How to read your body intelligence. 
  • Better communication skills. 
  • Long-term positive, healthy and helpful coping mechanisms.
  • Alternative ways to boost your energy levels, reset your energy body and feel more grounded. 
  • How to say "No", and put your needs first instead. 
  • Why you are here on this planet - what your true purpose is. 
  • Learning to live with your heart, body, mind and spirit interconnected. 
  • How to heal past traumas, abuse, painful memories etc.
  • Improved sleeping patterns and how to combat poor sleep/ insomnia.
  • How to tune into your core to find out what your body really needs to eat, rather than relying on 'outside' sources. 
  • How to trust yourself. 
  • How to feel happier, more peaceful and fulfilled. 

Therapy can be a richly rewarding endeavour, and the investment in your self holds the possibility of radically transforming every area of your life to lead a happier and more fulfilled one.

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