Questions & Answers


Who do I work with?
I exclusively work with women from all walks of life, between the age ranges of 16-80+.

Where do I work from?

I work from my home practice in Ovingdean, Brighton. It is a very private and peaceful setting, surrounded by nature.

What times do you work?

One: One
I have 3 appointment slots each day, my earliest is 10am and last slot is 12pm (which finishes by 12.50pm).

9-week course
I run a 9-week course four times per year. It is a closed group made up of myself and 5 female participants. However this group is on hold for the rest of 2019. Should you wish to join the Jan 2020 future group please send me an email to register your interest.

Do you offer appointments via Skype?
On occasion when clients are on holiday, the option is there for them to have their appointment via Skype rather than face-to-face.

Why do people come to see me?
I see a lot of women who enter therapy having given up trying to win their battle with their weight and relationship with food and who want to try a different strategy in order to gain some higher ground.

They may also be experiencing other issues such as in their relationship(s), stress, anxiety, depression, ante/post natal depression, low self-esteem, exhaustion, life-crisis or don’t have a sense of who they really are or what direction they want to take next in terms of their life purpose.

What sorts of issues can I help with?
In addition to the issues mentioned above, more generally I support women to find out who they really are, what they really want, and together we go on a journey where they can begin to make subtle changes to bring about lasting transformation in their life.

What happens in the therapy room?
The first session I will ask you to describe what has brought you in to therapy and what you want to achieve from it. I then run through a brief list of questions that cover the following: significant life events from birth up until today and about your general physical and mental health.

I can then decide whether I am the right therapist for you, and we can discuss as to the frequency and length of time we might work together. In most cases we will agree to see one another on a weekly basis for 6-weeks, where we can then review and decide what to do next.

How long do people stay?
This differs from person to person, but generally people come to see me for at least 6 months. In order for change and transformation from old habits to blossom, the brain needs to re-wire itself. Having a therapist gives you that support, vital encouragement and safe space to grow your new self from.

What is expected of me as the client?
There are no expectations as such other than you try and show up for your session-after all this is in your best interests. If you are unable to make your session for some reason I will always try and reschedule in the same week. If however this is not possible then you will be charged for your missed session.

How much do you charge?

All 50-minute sessions are charged at £60.

How do I make payment?

Please make payment for your initial appointment at the time of booking to secure your session time. After we have met for the first time, subsequent bookings can be paid for on the day either in cash or bank transfer. I also ask for a £60 deposit to be paid on the second appointment that will be held on account and be put towards either your final therapy session or any missed session.

How do people make an appointment with me?
Complete a contact form outlining the best time to contact you and we can schedule an appointment, or drop me a text.

What happens if you don’t have any spaces left?
You are welcome to join my Waiting List, and I will be in touch as soon as a space becomes available. There is usually a few weeks to a month waiting time.

How else can you help me?
I have a free online course in the pipeline. You can register by emailing me: (this is currently being re-edited, and unavailable for publication-however you are still welcome to go on a Waiting List, and I mail out to you when possible).

Send me a quick email, and ask to Join my Mailing List. Your email will remain completely confidential.