Truly Nourished Feeling


A transformative 9-week course for women who are curious about healing their disordered relationship with food

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This sensational experiential course has been designed specifically for women who struggle with a compulsive relationship with food and have tried everything else out there. 

So whether you have or have ever had an eating disorder; if you jump from one diet to the next; you are concerned about your weight and general health or you just can't seem to stop that magnetic pull to put food in your mouth when you're not even hungry (or are you?)- Truly Nourished Feeling is for YOU.

This is a closed psychotherapeutic group for 5 women where a safe, confidential and intimate environment is created for you to go deeper within yourself. 

Breakdown of course:

  • 1 x 30-minute private consultation

  • 9 x 180 minutes long weekly sessions = 27 hours

  • 1 x 50-minute 1:1 private follow-up session in person or via Skype/ telephone

  • Total of over 28 contact hours - More than triple the length of other courses to allow time and space for depth, process and reflection. 

  • 24/7 support through a closed social media or private email group (depending on the wishes of the group). 

  • Group size = 5 women in total. We are a small group so we can have plenty of quality time and space. 

  • Fee: £980.00. *Payable in monthly instalments if required *See the Financial Bit below 

  • IF YOU'D LIKE TO BOOK YOUR PLACE.......Please get in contact with Georgina to arrange a free 30-minute chat over the telephone/ or Skype.

* Financial Bit: Upon completing the 30-minute telephone call you will be asked to provide a £455 non-refundable/ non-transferable deposit to secure your place on the course. The remaining £525 can be split into the final number of months before the course begins and paid in instalments. The final instalment and remaining balance must be paid 4 weeks before the course begins. 

Example of fee structure: If you booked 4 months before the course begins, you would pay a £455 deposit, and then pay 3 monthly instalments of £175. 

If for ANY reason you are unable to make the course, a refund is unavailble. If you miss any of the sessions, you are not eligible for a refund. If your place can be filled at the last minute, the facilitator reserves the right to offer you a refund, (although please be aware that it is awfully difficult to find late bookings and therefore unlikely). It is worth asking yourself, "Am I ready for this journey? I may be scared but am I ready to take the plunge anyway?"  


What we cover:

  • Discovering WHY you comfort eat.

  • A growing connection with the part of yourself that allows you to overeat or binge eat.

  • Developing mindfulness skills and a daily mindful practice.

  • Learning HOW to gain control over your disordered eating patterns.

  • Building a relationship with your nourishing self.

  • Learning how to sit and be curious with your feelings.

  • Group support of like-minded women.

  • A space to be your True Self - "warts and all".

  • Top Tips for a daily holistic self-care practice including optimum advice on nutrition.

  • 24-hours of psychotherapeutic input from a qualified psychotherapist.

  • A 50-minute individualised follow-up session via Skype or in-person, to support you on your onward journey.

  • The potential for ongoing support via further group participation or individual work.

Dates (exact dates are still being worked out).

  1. This is a 9-week course, spaced over 3 months with time off over half-term break.

  2. Every Monday morning (5 Monday mornings).

  3. 1-week half-term break.

  4. Restarting (4 x Monday mornings) 9am-12pm.

  5. Individual 50-minute follow-up session, to be arranged at a mutually agreeable time post-9-week course.

Further information

  • Please note it is essential that you can commit to all 9 of the weekly sessions before undertaking the course. 

  • It is not possible to undertake the course with someone you know as this can interfere with the process.

Peace is in the palm of your hand. Learning mindfulness is an integral part of the Truly Nourished Feeling 9-week course.

Peace is in the palm of your hand. Learning mindfulness is an integral part of the Truly Nourished Feeling 9-week course.

"The workshop experience sank in to my bones. The images and insights that occurred over the course were so personal and life-changing, yet so familiar amongst the group members, that I felt I wasn't alone in my secret world of binge eating anymore. I gained so much knowledge, understanding and compassion for myself. This was a completely different experience to anything I've ever tried before, and something has definitely shifted. I would recommend this to anyone who is in the grip of overeating" Anon, 2016.

"I feel consistently relaxed around food and no longer split them in to naughty categories of good and bad. My portion sizes have reduced and I've realised I'm not eating as often as I'm no longer thinking and obsessing about food all the time. Before I'd be on a really strict and controlled diet or the total opposite of not giving a damn - but since your course I've been giving myself food that is good for me: and choosing to come from this place of love rather than control and fear. I'm also paying much more attention to eating mindfully, and giving myself that space to really concentrate on all the different textures and flavours. You have helped me so much - thank you so much" Anon, 2016.

"I have to say that before I began your course I was a bit cynical that it could make a difference; after all I've tried everything and I always fail. But you gave me the encouragement I needed to try something new and the right tools that have really fitted in to my life so well. I've started doing things for me again - like taking a dance class once a week (which makes me so happy), and I'm thinking about changing my job and going for my dream job instead. The more I follow the good vibes, the happier I'm becoming, and like you said, the comfort eating is just dropping away. I haven't weighed myself but I know I'm losing weight as all my clothes are baggy on me. And although I'm secretly thrilled to be feeling lighter, it's actually the feeling inside of finding some meaning and purpose to my life that is making me the most happy - and I have this growing excitement for my life that I've never known before!!! Thank you for doing what you are doing!!!" Anon, 2016.


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