A 6-week intensive course for women

This is a closed-group for 5 women. In a safe and confidential environment, and using tried and trusted psychotherapeutic interventions, we will gently explore why you binge eat. You will be guided through visualisations, mindfulness practices, psychodrama, group discussion and sharing. 

Intended outcomes from the course

We all process things at different rates, and a gentle and slow approach seems to work best. However it is important to acknowledge our uniqueness, and respect the pace at which we want to go at. It is my hope that come the end of the workshop you will achieve the following:

  • A growing connection with the part of yourself that allows you to binge eat.
  • Developing mindfulness skills and a daily mindful practice.
  • Discovering WHY you comfort eat.
  • Learning HOW to gain control over your disordered eating patterns.
  • Building a relationship with your nourishing self.
  • Learning how to sit and be curious with your feelings.
  • Potential group support of like-minded women.


New Road Psychotherapy Centre, New Road, BN1 1UG. 


Sunday 6/13/20/27th November & 4th December 7pm-9.30pm.


Sunday 11th December 10am-5pm. On this final day we will break for lunch between 1.30-2.30pm. 


A short telephone interview is necessary prior to acceptance on to the course. 

You are required to commit to the full 6-weeks. 


£234 payable in advance of the beginning of the course. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required upon acceptance on to the course. 


There are a maximum of 5 spaces.

Further information

Healing the roots of binge eating (Part 1) is being facilitated by Georgina Tasker-Simm, a trainee integrative and transpersonal psychotherapist. Part 2, is currently in development (please email and ask to be put on the Harmony Practice mailing list if you would like to hear about this). Part 2 will compliment Part 1, and build on making stronger connections to your feelings and True Self. We will also have a nutritionist guest speaker, to advise and educate you around a healthy diet and food cravings.