Manifesting your heart's true desires

Manifestation event - helping you to reconnect with your inner guidance system

Do you ever feel lost or that you’ve gone “off path” and don’t know the direction your life is heading? We often can get lost in our own thoughts, other peoples' opinions and the endless fast pace of life, which can lead us to feel confused and stuck. 

The aim of the workshop is to gently guide you in to your heart-space by calming the mind and tuning inwards. 

Discover your deepest longings through the use of simple stretches, breathing techniques, visualisation, mindfulness, affirmation and mood boards. Realign yourself to your heart’s true desires, bringing about vision, direction and empowerment in your daily life.

Lead by senior-trainee psychotherapist Georgina Tasker-Simm in Sussex Square, Brighton, BN2 5AA.

  • A one-off workshop lasting 4 hours
  • 9.30am-1.30pm Saturday 28th May 2016
  • Introductory fee £25.00
  • Held in comfortable surroundings in Sussex Square Brighton
  • Only Six places available

To book contact Georgina:

N.B. Please arrive at 9.25am. Please wear comfortable clothes, and bring a cushion and blanket to keep you cosy. You may also like to bring a packed lunch as we shan't be stopping other than for a tea break.