• New Road Psychotherapy Centre (map)
  • 28 New Road
  • Brighton, England, BN1 1UG
  • United Kingdom

A weekly group that will begin on 11th September 2016, and run throughout term time. 

So many of us reach for comforting food, and there are many different reasons why. Come and discover what compels you to do it, in this friendly group environment, and shed some of the shame and guilt that tends to accompany this very normal coping mechanism. 

Using various techniques such as visualisation, psychodrama, psycho-education and mindfulness, senior-trainee integrative and transpersonal psychotherapist, Georgina Tasker-Simm, will help you explore your roots, and become more acquainted with the part of yourself that gives you permission to comfort eat. Through getting to know this part of yourself, you will begin to understand how to gain control back. 

This is not a diet club, nor do we weigh ourselves or count calories. We are learning to very slowly sit with our emotions, by discovering how to differentiate between the feeling of physical hunger and emotional hunger. And we are finding out what is making us want to comfort eat in the first place and addressing how we can take steps to make these changes and challenging what is getting in the way of us making them. 

A 5-minute short telephone interview is required before attending. You are under no pressure to participate in any psychodrama, and you may find it helpful to just observe and watch from the sidelines. 

Venue: New Road Psychotherapy Centre, 28 New Road, Brighton, BN1 1UG

Date: Sunday 11th September 2016

Time: 7-9pm

Number of spaces: 10

Cost: £15 

To register your interest or for further information please contact Georgina via email or mobile. See CONTACT page.